Mobile App developer for Schneider Electric

Senior Technical Lead – Mobile Application Development

Position Overview: For our customer, Schneider Electric we are seeking a skilled Mobile App developer/technical lead with a deep focus on mobile application development to join their dynamic team. This individual will play a pivotal role in driving technical excellence, mentoring team members, and leading the architectural design and development of their innovative mobile applications in a complex enterprise SaaS product

With a strong background in coding, system architecture, and several years of experience, the ideal candidate will bring a wealth of knowledge and a track record of success to Schneiders fast-growing company.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead the technical direction and architectural decisions for mobile application development, focusing on Flutter
  • Collaborate closely with system architects to integrate new features such as alarms, video surveillance, and additional functionalities into Schneiders app
  • Ensure the seamless integration of Java backend, APIs, and mobile-specific services, maintaining their commitment to high-quality, real-time data processing
  • Participate in the transition of CI/CD processes from Jenkins to GitHub, aligning with upcoming corporate architecture guidelines
  • Foster technical leadership within the team, providing guidance, education, and support to elevate team capabilities
  • Manage and optimize pipelines for deploying to both Google Play Store and iOS App Store, ensuring robust testing and quality assurance practices


  • Proven experience in building native apps, with a strong understanding of mobile-specific architecture and design
  • Proficiency in Flutter, with prior experience in Dart beneficial. Native app development expertise is crucial
  • Familiarity with Jenkins, GitHub, Codemagic, and other relevant tools and platforms
  • Strong problem-solving skills, with the ability to handle complex challenges involving large-scale data processing (over 1 billion data points per day) and real-time along with alerting (200K-500K alerts per day).
  • Leadership qualities, with the ability to take initiative, drive team performance, and contribute to a collaborative work environment

Additional Information:

  • Opportunity to work on a platform that manages 100k devices and serves 10k users, delivering 24/7 push notifications, traceability, and historical data analysis
  • The role requires a minimum of 3 days in-office presence post-initial period, with our team valuing collaboration and flexibility
  • Join a stable and growing company with a 30% annual growth rate, where job security is strong and customer base are ever-growing

If you are a technical visionary with a passion for leading-edge mobile development and a desire to mentor and lead a talented team, we invite your to this exciting opportunity.

About Schneider Electric:

Schneider Electric is leading the digital transformation of energy management and automation. Our technologies enable the world to use energy in a safe, efficient, and sustainable manner. We strive to promote a global economy that is both ecologically viable and highly productive